Joshua Matriculation School has been upgraded to Joshua Matriculation Higher Secondary School in the Academic Year 2020-2021.

You can choose from below course: 

Group code  - 2502 -  Physics,  Chemistry,   Computer  Science, Mathematics.

Group code  - 2503 -  Physics,  Chemistry,    Biology,   Mathematics.

Group code  - 2702 -   Economics,  Commerce ,  Accountancy, Computer Application  

Group code  - 2708 -   Economics, Commerce,  Accountancy, Business Maths & Statistics

“ The hand of our God is upon all”  Ezra 8:22


In the midst of Covid – 19  Our Passionate teachers and our Management started the Academic year in  June 2020.

Started its ‘Online classes” through “Zoom” meeting for X std Students . We have received a positive response from parents as well as students,  for the primary classes we had sent “Whatsapp” videos which was easy mode of transmission to our students. This protocol provided reliable “connection based communication”. Every  mid - term,  parents are asked to bring their ward’s note book for correction and assessment purpose. Teachers corrected the student’s note books, assignments and slip tests. Formative and continous assessment made for them to know the level of a child.

Two major term exams had been conducted through ‘Online classes’ so far. Marks had awarded to the students and posted the grades in the ‘Whatsapp’ group. Every day attendance had been marked by the teachers to have a track on the students, “Creative teaching” by our teachers is a great progress to our children.

Teacher -parent communication had taken place  without any hurdles. Parents were very happy that they  received a strong support from teachers.

Online Class